About Sincerely Yours

Sincerely Yours was started shortly after my first child was born. I was looking for a career that would let me be creative with flexible hours. The universe threw me a sign. A friend was opening a business and in passing asked if I knew of where to get business cards. Because I had always loved stationery and invitations I told her I CAN help you! It was exactly the opportunity I was seeking. That was in 1988. Thirty years later a lot has changed, the company has grown to include invitations for any occasion along with personalized gifts and party accessories. It’s hard to believe I now have two grown kids. There is however, one thing which has remained constant, I love working with my clients to create their special invitations.

I encourage you to make an appointment where you will be able to hold the papers in your own hands and know exactly how your invitation will feel.

Looking forward to creating a unique invitation especially for you…